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Weight Loss and Management

It's no secret that the key to effective weight loss is making positive changes in your diet and exercise habits. However, making those healthy lifestyle changes can often seem like an insurmountable task. With that in mind, USANA scientists developed RESET™ weight-management system, complete with low-glycemic meal replacements that are designed to help you make a clean break from fatty, high-glycemic foods and start making better choices for your health.

The benefits of RESET™ go beyond weight loss. Consisting of three simple phases, this program will not only help you shed pounds, but it will assist you in making positive changes to your overall lifestyle.*

"Unlike other weight-loss programs, RESET actually works. With USANA's scientifically developed meal plan and a moderate amount of exercise, RESET is a terrific way to come to a greater understanding of healthy living."
— Kathy Kaehler, celebrity fitness trainer

Phase 1: Provides you with a clean break from fatty, high-glycemic foods. This Jumpstart Phase will help kick your body into gear and curb your cravings for carbohydrates. USANA's low-glycemic meal replacements, combined with 30 minutes of walking each day, could help you lose up to five pounds in five days.*

Phase 2: With the Transform Phase, you replace two meals with a Nutrimeal™ shake, eat one low-glycemic meal, eat one USANA Nutrition Baras a snack and one other low-glycemic snack, while introducing a moderate exercise program into your daily routine. This phase allows for continued improvement as you take the necessary steps to meet your weight-loss goal.*

Phase 3: Once you have reached your ideal weight, enter the Maintain Phase by replacing one meal a day with a Nutrimealshake, eating two low-glycemic meals, eating one USANA Nutrition Baras a snack and one other low-glycemic snack each day, and continuing to stay active with moderate exercise. The Maintain Phase will help you keep the weight off and maintain optimal health.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

RMySmartFoods & USANA Supplements

MySmartFoods – the Macronutrient Solution

By adding MySmartFoods to your daily intake of USANA vitamins and minerals can support a healthy, delicious lifestyle. And even better—they work for nearly any lifestyle. So if you've got unique needs or preferences, no problem.

There's a reason they are named MySmartFoods. "My" means you can personalize your protein shakes to your individual tastes and health goals. And "Smart" means a balanced ratio of macronutrients to help you sustain energy and reach your fitness goals. Watch this video to get the full scoop!

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