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Nutition for the Skin

Dedicated to those searching for health and beauty, USANA created Sensé beautiful science, a comprehensive approach to skin care. Each product is developed with groundbreaking, patented Self-Preserving Technology, meaning they stay fresh naturally. With regular use, skin is visibly transformed.

Made from pure botanical extracts and topical nutrition complexes, Sensé is formulated to revitalize individual cells, where healthy skin begins. When cells are properly nourished and protected, you can expect beautiful results.

Topical Nutrition

Proflavanol T® Antioxidant Complex
– whole-grape and green tea extracts combat free radicals vitamin E maintains skin's moisture

Proteo-C® Vitamin C Complex
– vitamin C brightens and provides oxidative defense proline and glycine draw in moisture

Anti Aging Technologies

DSR™ (Dermal Surface Renewal) Technology
– marine-source ingredients reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and energize the skin
– skin brighteners counteract uneven skin tone
– MMP inhibitors minimize the visible effects of aging for smoother skin now and in the future

– oceanic enzymes help boost skin's response to environmental damage and mend the look of aging

Sensé Body Care

Radiate Health from head to toe. The Sensé Body Care collection is a bright, fresh-scented line free of added chemical preservatives.

Sensé with Dr. Regina Hamlin

The Science of Skin Care

Regina Hamlin, M.D., chief of dermatology at four major California hospitals, explains the aging process of your skin and how Sense can work for you.

A segment from The National Agricultural Report's educational documentary featuring USANA Health Sciences: USANA's Sense line focuses on the skin's cellular health and uses the newest technologies for products that are both effective and safe.

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