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Nutritionals You Can Trust!

Nutritionals You Can Trust

Helping you build a strong foundation for exceptional health, the Essentials provide a comprehensive spectrum of the necessary vitamins and minerals adults need every day for optimal health and energy levels. Potency guaranteed!

USANA strictly follows pharmaceutical–grade Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). This means they not only purchase pharmaceutical-grade raw products, but also manufacture the products according to tough pharmaceutical-quality guidelines. In addition, USANA Health Sciences follows Pharmacopoeia USP guidelines for potency, uniformity, and dissolution of the tablet. In a nutshell, USANA manufactures their products to the strict standards of over-the-counter drugs even though not required to do so–assuring all of their customers and associates that what is on the label is actually in the tablet.

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Proflavanol® C100

USANA Procosa®

What are super fruits? What can they do for your health? Discover the nutritional value found in the grape seed extract and vitamin C in Proflavanol C100.

The deterioration of bone and joint health is a common issue. Find out how USANA's Procosa® provides your body with the building blocks for healthy joint support.

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