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At a Glance: Starting a family changes everything for soon-to-be-moms – it means thinking for two, planning for two, and of course, nutrition for two. Whether you are pregnant, nursing, or looking to start a family, it is now more important than ever to build a nutritional foundation – for both of you

Too many women are vitamin deficient during pregnancy, which means a large percentage of children are born without proper nutrition. Don't let your child be one of them. Be sure to give your baby a head start by adding just the right supplements to your diet.

That's where BabyCare Prenatal Essentials™ come into play. This duo of BabyCare Prenatal Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral is a safe, comprehensive vitamin and mineral supplement for expectant mothers and their developing babies. They provide safe levels of beta carotene, biotin, folic acid, iron, iodine, and more.

But to get every nutrient your body may need, you may want further supplementation. Consider using the following supplements and USANA Foods to give your baby a better beginning:

  • BiOmega – This purified fish oil helps support a healthy pregnancy and is full of omega-3 fatty acids that are critical to the development of the baby's brain before birth as well as proper eye development and growth.
  • Active Calcium Chewable – This supplement helps both mother and baby get the bone-building minerals they need. It also works as an antacid to help reduce mild heartburn symptoms.
  • Vitamin D – Not only does the "sunshine vitamin" decrease insufficiency, but it also increases absorption of calcium to help your bones (and your little one's) pick up the most nutrients.
  • Digestion/Detox – In the months leading up to conception, it is a good idea to properly remove unwanted toxins through healthy digestion. Limit your exposure and try using USANA Probiotic, Digestive Enzyme, Hepasil DTX, and Fibergy Plus.
  • USANA Foods – It's important to be at a healthy weight before you get pregnant. Get your body in prime condition to carry a child with the help of Nutrimeal, Nutrition Bars, and the RESET weight-management program.

If it's time to start planning for two, remember to count in nutrition and build a solid foundation of health for your future family.

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